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His depth of knowledge when it comes to AI, product-building, and the broader landscape of tech and social media is beyond impressive. Noah is my go-to for advice on where he thinks the future of content creation and online business is headed. He’s one of the smartest creators I’ve met.

Matt Mic


Noah's had a monumental impact on the trajectory of my business. I think my favorite thing about Noah and how he helps entrepreneurs is he knows exactly what you need to read, watch, or learn from for your current situation to overcome any obstacles or roadblocks. A primary example of this for me is Noah really encouraged me to read Dotcom Secrets and his recommendation was spot on for what I was going through. He seriously knows what knowledge, what training, and topics you need to engross yourself in to grow as an entrepreneur, build out your business, and get more sales. What he encourages you to do, how he teaches you, and how he mentors you does work. It pays dividends.

Adam Wise

Founder, Crammer Nation

In 3 years in the online business space, Noah is one of the smartest and clearest thinkers I’ve met. From his background in early VC and building product at a unicorn AI startup, Noah has a tremendous perspective on all things building business, product and selling. His talent stack is truly rare for someone his age. Not only that, he’s just a plain nice guy and someone you’ll enjoy talking to. If you’re a product builder or in the online business space, I fully recommend Noah to you.

Connor Widmaier

Brand Advisor

I'm a SaaS founder working on a sales automation tool. Noah's been dropping bombs of knowledge ever since I discovered him and his newsletter. Super cool guy and super supportive. Would recommend his newsletter to any founder that wants to learn more about how to run a successful business.

Kierin Flanagan

Founder, HyperTweet

I wanted to give a big, big shoutout to my boy Noah. I've been on the Building Blocks newsletter for a couple months now and I've learned so much. If you're into building products, creativity, or entrepreneurship I highly employ to sign up. He's going to be dropping value every week. It's one of the main things I actually sit down and read out of my newsletters.It's totally valuable and I 100% vouch for it.

Andrew Osborne

Founder, Levvio

Noah’s Newsletter cuts deep into what separates amazing entrepreneurs from ordinary people. I look forward to every issue.

Parker Worth

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